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Spice in the CONSTANT

Ounce for ounce, herbs and spices have more antioxidants than any other food group (quotes by Michael Greger).

The history of spices can be traced more than five thousand years ago as human started to use spices in making food taste good, as food preservatives and for health-enhancing properties. Spices usage could be from the root, bud, bark, leaves and flowers. Recent studies on spices shown exciting results, for example, antioxidants from spices such as curcumin (Turmeric) and eugenol (Clove), were shown to control oxidative stress in cells due to their antioxidant properties and their capacity to block the production of oxygen radicals in aerobic metabolism. Polyphenols from ginger and turmeric have also shown to display radical scavenging properties.

Spices have their own specific characters and functions. Based on the principles of the “Huang Di Nei Jing”, a balance and harmony between Yin and Yang aspects of the body system is a healthy body. The imbalance of Yin and Yang will cause illness condition. With the unique characteristics of spices, they are able to restore health and maintaining good health by supporting the activity of organs in the body to achieve Yin and Yang balance.

Constant is a series of products which consist of various types of spices and vegetables that offer nutrition needed for our body organs to work and function properly to restore Balance in our body system. The benefits that we enjoyed from Constant are coming from all substances in each spices and vegetables, rather than just one or few constituents extracted from them. Those various components of spices and vegetables complementing, reducing, suppressing or/and enhancing in a blend unique to contribute their uses and benefits. In using the whole spices and vegetables, we draw on their synergistic harmony encompassing more than the sum total of its individual parts.

By using our in-house processes, which enable us to have various combinations of spices and vegetables that are in proper dosage and with balance of nutrient will achieve the synergetic value and enhance the functions and benefits of each spices and vegetables.

Let’s ginger-up!!!