Constant Manufacturing

Constant products mainly consist of vegetables such as Ginger, Clove, Fennel Seed, Star Aniseed etc going through a unique process without artificial colourings, artificial sweetener or synthetic preservatives. The method of process was developed since 100 years ago and refined and transformed with the latest science and technology to make sure Constant products are safe, simple to eat and with the right balance of nutrients and ingredients.

The era of food processing started when human being using fire or flame to cook food, followed by drying, fermenting and steaming and other forms of food processing. Gradually and rapidly, human being is using the modern science and technology on varieties of food processing methods, providing us safe, convenient and high in nutritious food supply.

Constant products are basically produced through a series of processes which is able to avoid using toxic pesticides, synthetic chemicals ingredients, genetic engineering or other chemically treated substances.  Following are the basic steps which may help you in understanding the unique processes used in making Constant:

Generally, most of the Constant’s products are going through the same manufacturing process above. It may be different in ingredients used, temperature and duration of the process, depending on the recipes.