Founder of “Constant”

The founder of “Constant”, Mr. Goh Ooi Loon.

The history of spices can be traced more than five thousand years ago as human started to use vegetables or spices in medicinal used. Human strongly emphasize on spices, especially on the pleasure aroma that came from the spices. Among the 3600 types of natural species, more than 400 have shown their effectiveness and been used. Spices usage could be from the roots, stems, branches, skin, leaves, flowers, fruit or resin. Some doctors using the beauty of natural spices to treat their patients, even in some incurable diseases. The founder of Constant products, Mr. Goh Ooi Loon (Mr. OL Goh) and family, with more than 100 years of research experience in using natural spices for medicinal used, has developed a variety of recipes to treat and help patients.

In year 1895, Mr. OL Goh’s grandfather, Mr. Wu Chiao Yun (Mr. CY Wu) migrated to Singapore from Guangdong. He studied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in China, with the passion and knowledge, he was able to treat many sicknesses with natural spices, and he was famous then when he treated many patients with TB (Tuberculosis disease).

Mr. CY Wu is well aware of the consumption of natural spices, which is more beneficial than the simple medicine, because natural spices have a lot of ordinary intake of nutrition such as minerals and vitamins, can be completely absorbed by the body. In addition to the process of growth, natural spices are cheaper than traditional methods of disease prevention and treatment. Mr. CY Wu has a deep understanding of natural spices and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has created a number of preventive and therapeutic formulas for some seemingly fatal diseases or long-term patients such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Mr. Wu Hsue Chiao (Mr, HC Wu) is the father of Mr. OL Goh。 He was influenced by his father and travelled back to China to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in his young age. After returning from China, he continued his studies at Raffles College in Singapore and became an industrial chemist after graduation. With very strong interest towards Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Mr. HC Wu started practicing TCM whilst involving in the production of industrial chemicals in the food and rubber industry. In 1943, Mr. HC Wu and his family migrated to Penang, Malaysia. He started to practice TCM in Penang, Malaysia, with the help of his lovely wife, Ms. Cheah Tian Kheng (Ms. TK Cheah). In 1950s, Mr. HC Wu established the first medical hub, “Wu Hsue Chiao’s Medical Hall”. He started to commercialize own recipe to deal with several diseases, such as “GASTERINA” is one of the most important prescription, special treatment of gastritis, registered as “Sacred Heart”. Mr. HC Wu was assisted by Ms. TK Cheah who continued helping and practicing TCM until 2003.

Mr. Goh Ooi Loon (Mr. OL Goh), is the third son of Mr. HC Wu. At his young age, he showed a keen interest in physics, TCM and herbs. He helped his parents with the grinding and packing of the medicines. At the age of 27, Mr. OL Goh was given a certificate of approval to practice TCM and herbs by the United Chinese Association for Traditional Chinese Medicines and Drugs, Penang. Assisted by a trusted family and friends, Mr. OL Goh continues to develop formulae and unique recipes for ailments and health drinks.

Mr. OL Goh has always understood that natural spices are not just food nor just medicine, it contains a very large number, can be absorbed, and the most difficult to get the essence of nutrition. The benefits of natural spices are, in addition to being organically grown, it is relatively less expensive than other traditional methods of preventing and treating diseases. After 40 years of unremitting efforts and investment, we finally get the results, creating a series of “Constant “products.

Mr. OL Goh strongly believe in the nutritional value of natural spices, especially those popular spices such as Ginger, Clove, Fennel Seed, Cinnamon, Fenugreek and so on, with unique process technology to develop Constant products, able to maintain a healthy life. With three generations of research and developments, know-how and unique recipe, Mr. OL Goh able to develop “Constant” products, to the benefit of the world, to provide people choices that apart from the existing conventional drugs, those choices are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural spices. “Constant” products will be the new choice, the new hope.