Constant F


Net weight:
2.5 ml x 30 sachet

Key Ingredients:
Vegetable fluid (Mainly Asparagus and Broccoli), Turmeric, Blue ginger

Direction of use
Take 1 sachet (2.5ml) into a glass of  water (~50 ml), one hour after food.
Take twice a day.

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Additional information

What will those ingredients like vegetable fluid (mainly asparagus, broccoli), turmeric and blue ginger do for us?

Those ingredients will improve blood circulation and help to remove toxins from the body. To reduce and manage fatty liver, cholesterol, kidney stones and gallbladder stones condition.

Can we consume Constant F more than 1 sachet (2.5 ml) each time or more than 3 sachets daily? Is there any problem if taking Constant F in longer term?

Constant F is consist of vegetable fluid (mainly asparagus, broccoli), turmeric and blue ginger which are all food base with high nutrients. In general, taking 1 sachet of Constant F, which is only 2.5 ml is sufficient to provide balance nutrients to the body system. Taking more than 1 sachet per time is fine to consume and anything that is surplus will be discharged by the body system. For maintaining good and balance body system may only need one sachet a day or 2 sachets a day depending on the body system. Taking Constant F in longer term will support good combination of food ingredient to achieve healthy lifestyles.

Can we take Constant F when we are taking other medicine?

Constant F is a combination of various food ingredients and it does not consist of any medicine nor drugs. Therefore, it should not be any issues to take Constant F as long as Constant F and medicines are taken separately with interval of around 20 to 30 minutes. However, if he/she has any doubt, it is always good to seek advice from their doctors.

Can Constant F be used to cure diseases?

Constant F is not to design as medicine. It is originated from vegetables and spices which always emphasize on well-balanced nutrients and achieve healthy body system. . All ingredients is to help patients to relief from the side effects of medications/medical treatment, support faster recovery process and prepare the body system for self-healing and rejuvenation properties. We advise patients to continue taking their medications or consult a doctor for proper treatment.

Can Constant F taken by children who are below 2 year old and pregnancy woman?

Constant F is only allow to be taken by children below 2 year old and pregnancy woman upon seeking advice from professional medical practitioners or their doctors.

3 reviews for Constant F

  1. Eric Chia

    The skin issue around my neck and chest was gone after taking Constant F.

  2. Mr Lee

    There is no more a bubble or smelly urine after consuming Constant F. It also helps me to feel more energetic.

  3. Hosea Lim

    Since taking Constant A and Constant F, I feel more lively and healthier. The past problem I faced like digestion issues has been minimised. I take 1 to 2 bottles of Constant A a day and I will take Constant F after taking dinner.

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